Hydraulic Pump Repair

As a regional leader providing hydraulic maintenance and repair, Hydrauliques Continental has state-of-the-art testing equipment and all the resources required to perform a full maintenance of your hydraulic pump. We also offer on-site services thanks to our mobile service units.

Since 1978, our team has been repairing a wide range of hydraulic pump models that include:

  • Vickers
  • Continental
  • Rexroth
  • Caterpillar
  • Volvo
  • Sundstrand
  • Hitachi
  • Yuken
  • Kawasaki
  • Denison
  • Permco
  • Commercial
  • Linde
  • Parker
  • Voith
  • And more

We also stock an inventory of new and refurbished hydraulic pumps to reduce potential downtime for our clients.

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Quality Control

Every rebuilt pump is tested for volumetric efficiency, external leakage, as well as sound level, and must meet or exceed the original manufacturer’s specifications before being returned to you.

We carry out intense functional testing using our digital test bench, reaching 1,150-ft./lb. sending results directly to a computer that provides a detailed analysis (pressure, flow, temperature, and different levels of RPM). This is one of two test benches that have been manufactured at our plant.

Our repair process

When we receive your hydraulic pumps, we dismantle them completely so that our technicians can control and analyze each part. Our in-house engineering and metallurgy consultants provide essential support and enforce rigorous inspection protocols, in order to guarantee that all repairs are effective.

Thanks to our manufacturing expertise, we can replace damaged or obsolete parts to be 100% compatible with the originals. All assembly dimensions, critical specifications, and tensioning requirements are met with attention to detail during reassembly. After administering extensive tests, we seal the ports and apply a protective coat to the outer surface.

Regional mobile service

For customers located in eastern Ontario, Quebec and surrounding areas, we also offer mobile on-site troubleshooting and repair.

For more information, contact our team of specialists or ask for an estimate.

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Our inventory

We stock a large inventory of replacement parts. If a part is out of stock or discontinued, or if OEM lead times are excessive, we can completely design and manufacture it ourselves.We can manufacture the necessary replacement part needed to complete a repair on the same day.

Quality work and short lead times

Our in-house induction hardening equipment allows us to carry out all the work ourselves and as a result, we can provide better quality control and quicker turnaround times.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose repairs rather than buying a new hydraulic pump?
Often the cost of a new hydraulic pump is too high and delivery times may be quite long. For some discontinued equipment, it may even be impossible to purchase the pump you need. Contact us to assess your needs and to choose the ideal solution.

What can your mobile troubleshooting service do?
With the mobile troubleshooting van, our expert mechanics can analyze your hydraulic equipment and quickly identify problems and suggest solutions. Getting a speedy assessment can save you precious time and money. As for repair capabilities, it depends on the job, the parts that need to be ordered or manufactured, and more. Contact our team to discuss your needs.

Do you offer refurbishment for hoses or pipes and fittings?

Do you repair cylinders or hydraulic cylinders?
Depending on your needs, we may be able to repair your cylinder. Contact us to find out more. If we cannot help you, we can recommend a reliable service provider.

Do you repair jacks?

Do you repair pumps for car engines?