Hydraulic Motors

Italgroup, located in Italy, is a manufacturer of radial piston hydraulic motors that operate at low speeds and high torque. This European company also manufactures efficient flow dividers, planetary gears and more.

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Our most popular Italgroup products

  • Single displacement radial piston motors
    • IAM 150
    • IAM 300
    • IAM 800

For more information, contact our experienced team or visit the Italgroup website.

Italgroup website

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which Italgroup products do you sell?
We are able to get any Italgroup product, from radial piston hydraulic motors, to flow dividers and more. Our most popular Italgroup models are the single displacement radial piston motors IAM 150, IAM 300, and IAM 800.

What is the lead time?
Our priority is to minimize your downtime. That’s why we keep a number of Italgroup parts and equipment in stock. However, some products still need to be shipped by Italgroup, which is located in Italy. As a result, delivery times may vary.

If shipping delays are too long, our team may be able to manufacture the part you need in-house in a few days. Contact us to find out more.

Do you offer spare parts for discontinued motors?
Yes. If we do not have the Italgroup part in stock, we will likely be able to manufacture it for you in just a few days. Contact us to find out more.

Can you help me choose hydraulic equipment?
Yes. Our team has been working in the hydraulics industry for over 40 years. Feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to help you choose your hydraulic equipment.

Do you offer a repair service for Italgroup motors, valves and other hydraulic parts?
Yes. We are equipped to carry out many hydraulic repairs, thanks to our test bench, our induction machine and the other equipment & expertise acquired over our 40 years of experience. Contact us to discuss your specific requirements.