Hydraulic Valve Repair

Our expertise and equipment allow us to fully service directional valves. Externally-cracked valves received for analysis at our hydraulic repair shop have an 80% salvage rate.

Our hydraulic valve repair services include:

  • Honing chambers
  • Machining poppet seats
  • Chroming and grinding spools
  • Manufacturing damaged or obsolete parts, such as springs, poppets, and spools

Testing services include:

  • Detecting fractures through the use of x-rays/Magnaflux
  • Tests for pressure flow and leakage on our test bench
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose repairs rather than buying a new hydraulic valve set?
Sometimes the delivery time may be too long or the cost of a new hydraulic valve can be prohibitively high. For some discontinued equipment, it may even be impossible to purchase the valve or part you need. Contact us to assess your needs and to choose the ideal solution.

Do you offer refurbishment for hoses or pipes and fittings?

Do you repair hydraulic cylinders?
Depending on your needs, we may be able to repair your cylinder. If not, we can recommend a reliable service provide. Contact us to find out more. If we cannot help you, we can recommend a trustworthy company.

Do you offer jack repair?

Do you repair pumps for car engines?

What can your mobile troubleshooting service do?
With the mobile troubleshooting van, our expert mechanics can analyze your hydraulic equipment and quickly identify problems and suggest solutions. Getting a speedy assessment can save you precious time and money. As for repair capabilities, it depends on the job, the parts that need to be ordered or manufactured, and more. Contact our team to discuss your needs.