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Founded in 1939, TDZ is a Spanish manufacturer for high-precision motors and vane pumps, as well as other hydraulic equipment. TDZ pumps are 100% compatible with Eaton Vickers * and Denison models.

TDZ product sales & repair – Your authorized partner

For TDZ products, we are the exclusive Canadian distributor and authorized & qualified service center.

We limit your downtime

Our priority is to provide fast lead times for you. That’s why we keep an inventory of TDZ parts in our Montreal warehouse.

Our most popular TDZ products

  • Vickers design vane pumps
    • V 10
    • V 20
    • V 20F
    • V 2010
    • V 2020
    • VQ 25
    • VQ 35
    • VQ 43
    • VQ 63
    • VQ 64
    • VS 25
  • Vickers design cartridges
    • V 25
    • V 35
    • VQ 25
    • VQ 35

For more information, contact our experienced staff or visit the TDZ website.

TDZ website

*We are not a distributor of Vickers products

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Frequently Asked Questions

What TDZ products are available?
For TDZ products, we are the exclusive Canadian distributor. We are therefore able to provide you with all types of TDZ hydraulic equipment: Denison-type vane pumps, Vickers-type vane pumps, TDZ hydraulic motors, replacement parts, and more.

Our most popular TDZ products are pumps (V 10, V 20, V 20F, V 2010, V 2020VQ VQ 25, VQ 35, VQ 43, VQ 63, VQ 64VS 25) and cartridges (V 25, V 35VQ 25, VQ 35)

What are the lead times for TDZ products?
Our priority is to get your equipment running as soon as possible. To provide fast deliveries, we keep a wide range of TDZ parts in stock in our Montreal warehouse. For hydraulic components that need to be ordered from TDZ, wait periods may vary and some parts can be manufactured in-house to reduce turnaround time. Contact our team today for more information.

Do you sell spare parts for discontinued hydraulic pumps and motors?
Yes. Your TDZ part may even be in stock. If not, we will probably be able to manufacture it in-house. Contact us to find out more.

Can you help me choose the right hydraulic equipment?
Yes. Our team has been working in the hydraulics industry for over 40 years. Please contact us and it will be a pleasure to share our expertise.

Do you offer repair services for TDZ hydraulic motors, pumps and other parts?
Yes. For the maintenance, repair and overhaul of your TDZ products, Hydrauliques Continental is an authorized and qualified service center. Contact us to discuss your specific requirements.